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The trees around your home can become problematic or even dangerous for a wide variety of reasons.  Overgrowing or poorly maintained trees can easily encroach on your home, crowding windows, scratching siding and roofing, or even entangling power lines and creating a potential electrical fire hazard.  Trees can constitute simple obstacles as well, preventing you from completing property enhancements such as room additions, driveway installations, or the construction of a new shed or other structure. 

Safe Tree Pruning should be a priority for a homeowner.

Our tree safe pruning provides the highest quality of care for trees by performing the least invasive procedure possible to accomplish the necessary goal of plant structure removal.  For example, many companies will perform what is commonly called a "Topping" by cutting the major limbs off flat with total disregard to the current structure and future health of the tree, killing the tree within 10 years. 

Tree removal services are often put to the side causing dangerous trees on your property.

If you need effective tree removal services, pick up the phone and give Larned Tree Service in Laurel a call.  We have the equipment and experience to help you eliminate sick, overgrown or dangerous trees from your property.  Do not underestimate the destruction that can be caused by falling branches.  Call us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate. 

 It is not uncommon for home and business owners to balk at the prospect of having an aged cottonwood, elm, crabapple, pine or maple with much tree trimming needed.  Or even cut down and removed from their properties.  

  We provide tree removal services for property owners and property managers who need to: 


Eliminate sick or dying specimens.  Clear their properties to accommodate additions or land development.  Remove a  tree whose roots are destroying the foundations of their properties, uprooting their sidewalks or causing other types of property damage.  

Many of our clients get rid of their overgrown and rotting trees for safety or security reasons:                              

Heavy branches that fall upon a  property can be responsible for damages, including  fractures to roof decking, interior leaks and a weakening of the  building’s structural integrity.  Fallen leaves can pile up or gather in  the corners and valleys of a rooftop and contribute to moisture retention.  Unless you have the time to remove this debris regularly, it leads to the premature deterioration of shingles and, ultimately, leaks

 Leaves can also clog gutter systems and contribute to erosion, flooding in the basement, soil saturation and  even shifting of a structure’s foundation.  Clogged gutter systems are also inviting habitats for squirrels, birds, rodents and insects.  

If an entire tree were to be felled by strong winds or a lightning strike thousands of dollars in damages can be incurred.  If a large overgrown tree on your property falls on your neighbor’s home, business or vehicle, you may be made to face a lawsuit if your insurance policy does not cover such liabilities.  If you need tree removal services, call our expert team today.  We can perform an on-site inspection of your trees and determine the best approach to removing them.  

Do not take any chances with visibly dangerous trees.  If you see any signs of leaning or rotting, pick up the phone and give us a call today for your Tree Pruning in Laurel.