FAQ about our MT Tree Services

What does the term arboriculture mean?

Great picture of the forest and Billings, MT city park trees.

Arboriculture is the art, science, technology, and business of tree care and is practiced by Arborists that are trained to promote tree health, discern tree problems, and take the correct steps to correct these issues.

Why should i hire an arborist to care for my trees on my property?

Some deer in an Apple Orchard.  Larned Tree Service is pruning these trees today.

Studies published in the Journal of Arboriculture have shown that it is actually far more cost effective to regularly prune and care for your trees than neglect them.  Trees can increase the value of your property up to 25% if properly cared for.  A tree's value is based on its location, species, and condition. 

What should i look for when hiring a tree care company?

Street view in Billings, MT on a another great summer day.

Ask for copies of current, valid certificates of liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.  Ask for local references.  Get a detailed written estimate for the services and cost of your tree work.  Be wary of companies or individuals who do the following:  solicit work door-to door, demand payment in advance, advertise topping and/or low prices, start work without a written estimate, cannot produce a valid certificate of insurance.

How much does it cost to cut down a tree?

We prune trees all over the Billings, MT area and also trim shrubs.

This is the number one question we hear as a tree care company "the cost of a Tree Removal Service".  It is mostly impossible to price a tree removal or pruning job over the phone or without viewing the tree.  Every tree and location is different and the cost to remove or prune a tree is based on various factors.

Price is based on the size of the tree, the method of removal (whether by crane, bucket or climbing), the location of the tree and its accessibility, and safety factors such as electrical lines nearby or trees that may be over a house.  We provide estimates free of charge so that we can meet each client and survey the tree(s) location.  We will provide you with tree health information, hazard assessment, and answer all your questions.

How much does it cost to have a tree stump ground?

Tree Removal in Billings, MT.  We are removing a Boxelder Tree for this homeowner.

Price is dependent on size, species, and access.  Please call us for a free estimate.

Why should i prune my trees?

Larned Tree Service in Billings, MT hard at work today.  Removing a Chinese Elm Tree.

Pruning during the dormant season may minimize sap and resin flow from cut branches.  Hardwood trees and shrubs without showy flowers should be pruned in the dormant season to easily visualize the structure of the tree, to maximize wound closure, reduce the chance of spreading disease and to discourage sap flow.  Trees and shrubs that flower in early spring such as dogwood should be pruned immediately after flowering.  Trees and shrubs that flower in the summer and fall should be pruned during their dormant season.  Dead branches can be removed any time of year.