Big Ash Tree Trimming in Billings, MT.  Its best to prune and trim your trees in dormant season.

Summer and Winter Storm Damaged Trees

Emergency Tree Service in the event of storm damage on your property.

Heavy winds, rain, ice, snow, lightning and storms can wreak major havoc and cause Storm damaged trees in Billings.  

Damage, fallen branches, fallen power lines, car damage, roof and property damage, blocked paths and scattered debris.  All things which can pose a serious danger to either your home and family or your business and customers.  

These conditions can also be a time for Tree Removal  if not it may cause a major safety hazard if not handled properly!  Keep in mind that tree branches under pressure from high winds or the weight of snow and ice can still fall, snap or break even after the storm.  

These are some common Tree Service situations we deal with.  When Some Major Limbs Are Broken your tree may have suffered some damage to in a storm, it doesn’t mean it has to come down.  Our arborists can tell you when a tree can be saved from broken limbs, when structural damage has occurred that would put your property’s structures, cars or people at risk.


- When Trees Are Leaning or Fallen.  Small trees, with trunk diameters of 4 inches or less, can usually be saved by standing them back up or replanting them.  Even larger trees that are leaning or have fallen may be able to be saved by one of our arborists. 

- When Small Branches are Broken or Dead.  If a wind storm has broken branches 4 inches or less in diameter, our professional arborists can prune them so that they thrive back into shape.

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 Not only are dead or dying trees an eye-sore, but they are also dangerous.  Removing a tree is not something that you should do yourself.  

It is especially important to have a professional remove a tree if you suspect it has the potential to fall over.  

Removing a tree before anything happens is the best way to protect your property and your family. 

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