Larned Tree Service is pruning a large Linden Tree today.   These trees create great shade.

Tree Pruning Will Help Your Trees Thrive

How To Prune A Tree and other Pruning Techniques

Tree pruning, sometimes called tree trimming is a regular part of your home's normal upkeep, but it can often feel like a time consuming and complicated chore that's difficult to get done properly.   

The main goal behind tree pruning is to restore and revitalize a tree’s health, aesthetics and shape.  Although many companies advertise tree pruning or trimming services, few are experts.  Larned Tree Service prides themselves with plenty of knowledge to prune many unique tree species.

The first decision you’ll have to make is whether you’d like to prune the tree by yourself or hire an expert.  Pruning or trimming smaller trees and shrubs is fine if you have a thorough understanding of what your doing.  However, in cases of larger trees we highly recommend calling a legitimate tree care company. 

 Your personal safety should never be compromised for a tree pruning project.  We have decades of experience and practice procedures continuously to minimize any type of liabilities that could arise.  

Each cut into your tree has the strong potential of changing a tree’s growth pattern, we’re very careful where we cut.  We only prune for specific reasons including:

Removing Dead Branches:  To Increase Light and Air Penetration to the Inside of the Tree’s Crown to Remove Crowded or Rubbing Limbs.

There’s a very fine line between thinning out the tree too much or too little.  Many of the tree’s energy reserves are stored within the foliage.  If we cut too much this could be a significant strew to the tree’s health and growth.  Therefore pruning is only done on a minimal basis to truly help shape the tree.  

Our Tree Pruning Techniques

We utilize a few different pruning techniques that can be divided into sub categories.  The sum of all of these add up to a beautiful, healthy, natural shaped tree.

Cleaning:  We remove dead, diseased, dying, or broken branches.

Thinning:  This is performed in order to reduce weight load on larger branches, increase light-air penetration to the crown and helps to improve the overall shape of the tree.

Raising:  Have you ever walked along a sidewalk or driveway and hit your head on a branch? If a tree’s branches aren’t providing enough clearance for a walkway, we can remove them.

Reduction:  This is usually done when we’re dealing with branches that intersect with power lines.  This helps to maintain the form and structural integrity of the entire tree.

Ornamental pruning:   Shape your newly planted ornamental's to enhance the health, longevity and future shape of the tree.  Shaping them early at a young age will help prevent your trees from growing out of control causing a major headache.  

Older more mature trees that have never been pruned or if it has been many years the tree should and can still be pruned.  It is  impossible to bring it back to the original size.  

Removing too much of a tree can cause serious shock damage and harm to the tree for the rest of its life.  You have to remember, a  tree is a living organism they are a lot like humans.  You can give your tree a "haircut", but cutting too much will take away much of its its important food supply causing health problems in the future. 

Don't over prune your trees you can create a worse problem.

 There’s a very fine line between thinning out the tree too much or too little. Many of the tree’s energy reserves are stored within the foliage. 

Corrective Pruning is best left to the pros at Larned Tree Service.

Early in a tree’s life it is important to prune to encourage a dominate main-stem leader.  This service also would include removal of diseased, rubbing and broken limbs. Every leaf is a source of food for the tree, so we always try to keep our wounds as small as possible while still meeting the needs of the tree and homeowners.

Dead Wooding your trees can often be a difficult and hazardous tree work.

The removal of dead limbs from a tree.  We recommend removal of any dead limb that is 2-3" and larger at the base as well as broken or hanging limbs in the tree.

Clearance Pruning can be a difficult task around gutters and homes.

 We suggest 10 feet of vertical clearance from your roof.  Also, no branch should be touching the side of your home or business.  It's also recommended to have 10 to 12 feet of clearance from the ground to allow  for easy travel under the tree. 

Crown Reduction is usually not recommended for your trees.

Most of the time reducing the crown of a tree is harmful but sometimes there is no other option.  In these situations, we are able to prune the tree to reduce the stress.  This is NOT topping!  Topping has been proven to be a devastating pruning technique for both the tree and home owner.