Tree Services: Larned Tree Service in Billings, MT

Loading up a Seedless Cottonwood log in Billings, MT today.

When to call for tree service in Billings.

Larned Tree Service is a year round tree removal and tree health company that prides itself with customer satisfaction.  We are a full service tree care company that has been servicing homes and businesses with high quality and reliable work for many years.  We have the tools and experience to help you complete your job.  

Keep your trees healthy and your property safe, secure, and looking beautiful with our expertise in tree trimming & pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, cabling & bracing, and fertilization.  We have training, on-the-job experience, equipment to complete even the most challenging job.

 Side Tree Trimming a Spruce Tree today and trying to add shape to this great tree in Billings, MT.

We save many trees. If not, your tree removal will be safe and affordable.

If you have trees on your property , then they need to be maintained.  You want your home and garage, surrounding structures, other trees and landscaping untouched during tree removal.  Because space is often tight, climbing the tree and cutting-and-lowering branches by hand guarantees perfect, safe extraction.  We safely grind stumps and branches on site.  This method of tree service in Billings saves you money because there is not labor to haul them away.  In the trained hands of our crews, tree removal or stump removal is an efficient process.

We value every customer, commercial or residential and strive to make sure you tree care needs are met with safe and efficient work style.  If you need any broken, damaged or fallen trees removed call Larned Tree Service to help with the job.

Larned Tree service in Billings, MT dumping a load of brush before we go to the next Tree Removal.

Preventive tree maintenance saves you money in the long run.

Larned tree service in Billings increases the life expectancy of your trees, which avoids removal.  Removing dead branches or trees before they fall on your home can be a money and life saver.

 Regular maintenance guarantees pests and infections invade.  Tree Trimming in Billings encourages healthy growth.  Growth can be naturally managed.  Here are some examples of our Billings Services:

    Crown Cleaning: Removing dead, dying, or crowded branches from inside the tree.

    Crown Reduction or shaping:  Expert trimming on the outer crown of the tree to decrease the weight and strain on the stems of certain trees.

    Crown Thinning: Your tree needs light and air moving through its branches in order to thrive.  Thinning involves extracting specific inner branches to encourage stimulating light and necessary air flow.

    Crown Raising: Tree Service in Billings is often used to create clearance around nearby buildings, parking, driveways and walkways.  Our experts remove only the most necessary lower branches.

    Crown Restoration: This is the follow-up to emergency tree service due to storm damage, accident or vandalism.  Proper pruning allows the tree to restore its crown and regain its shape.

We provide Tree Services for Churches, Parks, Schools, Colleges and more.  Trees within these properties need constant attention due to the high amount of pedestrian traffic and also call for Tree Removal in Billings.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail so it ends up being a perfect fit.  This is especially important since a good portion of the work we do involves tree pruning.  Pruning is a delicate service and should only be handled by trained professionals that are familiar with the regions tree species, type and the overall balance of the tree.

  Pick up the phone and give us a call at (406) 855-3712 to help you with your tree trimming services in Billings, MT.  You can count on our team to provide honest and reliable services every time.